Friday, 21 November 2014

I want one of these - Ally Capellino

I have long been a fan of Ally Capellino. The functional yet beautiful style is so appealing. 
The A/W 2014 collection is chock full of amazing pieces but I think my favourite is this leather and waxed cotton iGor rucksack. For me, it's the most perfect rucksack ever!

Net life

After a month with no internet (apart from ridiculously crap 3G on my phone!) I am finally back online! I feel like bouncing around like an idiot!
It really has brought home how much I rely on it for all kinds of things in my every day life, far more than I thought it did....

So, what to do with my newfound access to the wonderful web world? 
I'd love it if you showed me the sights and sounds that you have found recently and enjoyed!
What should I be looking at, listening to and engaging with? 

Love, Joo x

Monday, 22 September 2014

Hello Treasure

Hello Treasure is run by the lovely Tash and Ed. 
I am more than a little in love with their butterfly and moth print (they look like little pieces of origami!). 
Also have my eye on the badges....
Check out HelloxTreasure on Etsy and follow them on Twitter @helloxtreasure

Mr Skelly

Mr Skelly. 
He lives on my bed and was made by a very talented lady called Sam in Brighton. You should find her on Instagram because she's pretty darned marvellous.... _ART_BY_PAPERCUT_

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Falling through the shards of light
are dust motes the size of planets.
Slowing falling through time,
Eddying on the currents of breath
that change their orbit. 
Stare unblinking and you might just glimpse
the spark of life,
blossoming existence,
the birth of love and hope.
These are the tiny universes 
in the every day,
constant cycle of decay
and rebirth. 

Saturday, 7 June 2014


the breaking light
shatters old thought
with silvery shards of the new,
inserting itself under the skin 
of the morning. 
transient dewdrops
shimmer and shiver as the searching
fingers of sunlight seek them out
with murderous intent,
barely born, such short lives they live. 

8th June 2014

Friday, 2 May 2014

Doodler's Corner - Print Kitchen

It's about time I sort my life out and get Doodler's Corner on the go again! I have an inbox full of wonderful people's work and just haven't had the time to do anything with it whilst moving house/starting a new job. NOW IT'S TIME!! 

This week I bring you the fantastic printing talents of Karys Munns, aka Print Kitchen. Her designs are fun and fresh and would look great in anyone's happy home :)

This amazing print was inspired by my tattoo!!!!

Who are you, where do you come from and what do you do?

Hello! I’m Karys, I live in the sunny South West in Torbay and I’m an Art Technician by day teaching students how to Screenprint...and a Print Maker by night!

Who/What influences what you create?
I always tend to come back to the same themes within my work, which mostly revolve around the idea of the scavenger and collector. One of the most interesting series of pieces I worked upon at university was using the dust, hair and detritus from inside vacuum bags which I used in a series of monoprints – they created the most intricate and idiosyncratic marks. My favourite anecdote is to tell people I wrote my dissertation on Dust, although it’s not exactly a party topic!
My experiences of working in unusual London galleries also influences my art practice, from working in an all performance art gallery– when events were held of one off art performances I really felt as if I was part of something amazing. Additionally working in a gallery hidden in the disused underground tunnels, not only was the atmosphere amazing, but was incredible in complete darkness when a resonance choir filled the space.
These days I am a world away from these galleries and tend to find my influences through my Tumblr dashboard! When I see something I really like I print it off and put it above my desk at work where I sit near enough 8 hours a day! I ponder them more than I would a passing glance online and it tends to spark off new ideas for my own pieces.
(See picture of desk!)

How do you decide on a subject for a piece of work?
At the moment with my etsy shop it literally is what pops into my head. Some days I just pick a random letter and think of something fun that begins with that. Other days I will think about what my friends love and do a print to do with that, then surprise them with it! My work colleague Beth has gotten quite a few owl prints on her desk that way!

What's been the most exciting thing that's happened in your career so far?
Being in an art performance which I was picked for and ended up being photographed and filmed for the official Press Release. I felt very cool and a HUGE poster of me was up on the side of the gallery! As a thank you the artist gave me an original of his work with an official certificate of authenticity and ownership with my name on!

What made you choose art as an outlet for your creativity?
That’s a really difficult question to answer as I feel like I don’t know any different anymore!

If you weren't an artist what job would you love to do?
I do enjoy my current job as an Art Technician with being a Print Maker on the side but there is one job I would kill for! I would absolutely love to work on the themeing for Theme Park rides and scenery. That would be living the dream for me and combining my two passions!

If you could do any job in the world for just one day what would you choose?
When I was younger I really wanted to be the co-driver in a rally car! I blame my upbringing of watching a lot of motorsport with my older brother and dad for that! So I would definitely give that a go for a day!

Whose work do you admire and want to adorn your walls?
I really love the work of Anthony Burrill, and you may notice one of his printed on the wall above my desk which says “Work Hard and Be Nice To People” a motto I couldn’t agree to more! I also love the artwork, temporary nature and materiality of fanzines.

What’s the best thing about doing what you do?
It’s just so much fun..and I make the rules! I love making only a maximum 5 screenprints of each design, I don’t like the idea of art being mass produced and this way it keeps it fresh with new designs constantly added to my etsy. It’s not making my living and is so enjoyable for me to do so I only sell them for between £5-12 which hopefully makes it fun, unique and affordable art!

What does the future hold for your work?
Hopefully I will carry on with my shop making and selling new prints every week. It’s great to be able to make an illustration and screenprint of absolutely anything and not having to worry about fitting a brief. I would however love for this to open more doors for me creatively and end up designing my own line of stationary or homewares.

Huge thanks to Karys for taking the time to answer the Doodler's Corner questions! I hope you love her bright and breezy work as much as I do :)

You can find more of her wonderful prints in the Print Kitchen Etsy shop
and on the Facebook page