Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Today was a good day, even with the squally showers and occasional bout of hailstones pummelling our faces. We went for a wander around town, did some jumping in puddles (and jumping in the station) then caught a train to nowhere in particular where we had a cuppa/orange juice in a caff and then looked at the estuary.....saw a grey heron which was pretty exciting! After a while we grew bored with the rain that just wouldn't quite quit it so we got back on a train and came home to eat beans on toast. I think we both realised (me being 29 and Row being 3) that sometimes, no matter how much you'd like to be outside, it's better to be dry and at home eating beans on toast. 

I found the book at the bottom in the caff/charity shop in the 50p books section....had heard good things about it so it was a happy find! It also reminded me (along with this awesome post by Heidi at Him, me & Three) that I have neglected to do a What are you reading? post this month.....*slaps own wrists* I will most certainly be doing one for May so please keep your eyes peeled and join in when it goes up! :) 

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