Tuesday, 1 May 2012

What are you reading? The May Issue!

I've been somewhat quiet on the book reading front lately, it's not that I haven't been reading them (in fact I've been eating my way through them like there's no tomorrow! I just haven't blogged about it. Silly me!
So here are the books that I'm currently reading/ waiting to read this month, hooray!!!

 I'm currently waiting for this book to arrive, I'm a big Edward Gorey fan and wanted to add a new one to my shelf :)
 Found this lovely little book in a charity shop for a pound....the illustrations are so so cute and I can't wait to read my way through the stories. I had to look up Toon Tellegen as I hadn't heard of him before, he's a Dutch writer, poet and physician who has written some beautiful and really interesting children's books. I'm actually really excited about reading this book (even though I am not a child, well I guess I'm a big child!)!!!

This book was another charity shop find. I'd heard about it from a friend and had wanted to read it for a while. I'm not entirely sure it's going to be my cup of tea but it's good to push the boat when it comes to literature! You never know, I might find I think it's a wonderful read!

My final book for this month is the outstanding Apples for Jam by one of my favourite cookery book authors, Tessa Kiros. I used to have one of her other books, Falling Cloudberries, but it got lost in a house move :( I found this gorgeous book in TK Maxx for a bargainous price and smiled all the way home! I've since made a couple of the delicious recipes out of it (my family have said they are really really tasty) and can't wait to rummage through and make more! I especially like the way this book categorises the recipes into food colours.....really great way of looking at food!

Now it's your turn! I'd love to see what's sitting in your reading pile by your bed or which books you just can't put down :)


  1. yaaaay lovely books!

    this month i'm currently in the middle of re-reading some old faves including Dante's 'the Divine Comedy' and Edgar Allan Poe's 'Murders in The Rue Morgue' as well as Caitlin Moran's 'how to be a woman' and Stieg Larsson's 'the girl who played with fire' + a book on Celtic Symbolism and one on Greek Architecture.

    last month we had Mark Mills' 'the savage garden', Oscar Wilde's 'the Picture of Dorian Gray', Yayoi Kusama's autobiography + a couple of Shakespearean play re-reads (Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, Othello) as well as a few Art books on Pop art, lowbrow art and Renaissance Architecture.  

  2. What a great selection of books you have/have had on the go! I've heard great things about the Caitlin Moran one and really loved "Murders in The Rue Morgue" as well as "The Picture of Dorian Gray" :) Am now going to look up who Yayoi Kusama is as I'm mucho curious :) x

  3. I can recommend When God Was A Rabbit - I got it free so not what I normally would have picked but it's stayed in my bookshelf as a fav to read a 2nd time :) I'm currently reading Kiss The Sunset Pig by Laurie Gough, reallllly good if you're a wannabe traveller...


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